Wow Visual is a factory of fiberglass and resine of 6500sqm and over 100 employees. We are specialised in high quality mannequins. Wow Visual is the first and only mannequin factory in Africa. Located in North Africa, in Tunisia, the country has a history of more than 5000 years old. Home to a rich culture you can find the biggest Coliseum apart from the one of Roma, but also Greek temples and French Cath├ędrale. Throughout the country, the weather is warm during winter and hot and dry during summer. Just 2h by plane of the biggest cities of Europe. Same time zone of CET we are easily reachable.


Wow Visual is devoted to produce top quality mannequins. Using some of the best materials in the world, the resine and the paint are coming from Italy and Germany. Each department steps are controlled and approved by external team. On top of that we have Quality Control team checking randomly to make sure each pieces are meeting standards.


Being first factory in Africa we hired people who were highly qualified in car, boat but also medical furniture industry. Investment during 3 years have been done for training correctly all our employees. Wow Visual bringed also specialist teams from China during 9 months to supervise and teach the right methods and technics. On top of that, Italian, Spanish and German specialists comes regularly in order to work on any improvement possible.


Being in the middle of European Sea, we are within 3 hours of Amsterdam, Paris, Madrid, Milan, London etc. International airport of Tunis is an hour away from our factory. Express shipping by air is available and usually takes 3-4 days. Shipping by boat to Europe takes 5-8 days to port such as Genes, Malta, Marseilles etc. Shipping to New York takes 30-35 days. Have a visit and see the solutions to avoid far countries orders, or long and costly time transit.

Contact us @ info@wow-visual.com
+ 216 54 192 684
Avenue du Grand Maghreb Arabe
Zone Industrielle
Nabeul 8000